Saturday, April 24, 2010

Climate Battery Construction - Volunteer Weekend, April 24-25

Here are some photos of the Volunteer Weekend climate battery construction, April 24-25.  Frank Hagemann and his associate Larry excavated the hole for us on Thursday, architect Michael Thompson and CRMPI Intern Justin Wright built the first of four manifolds to transmit warm moist air from the greenhouse through the soil, storing heat and moisture for use during cold nights, allowing the raising of Mediterranean-zone food plants all year.  (see March 30 post for 3d drawings of climate battery)
Saturday morning, many members of the Carbondale Rotary Club, RFHS Principal Clif Colia, project organizer Illene Pevec, and more members of the Carbondale community, guided by Michael and aided by Frank and his skid-steer, built the remaining three manifolds, assembled the climate battery and backfilled it with soil.  Thanks to Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, we had all the Shovels, McClouds and Wheelbarrows we needed. We left one row of tubing on the east side for the high school Ag-science students to install on Sunday, because they were away at sports games all day Saturday.
Click on any image to see it larger on your screen, then click the "back button" to return to the blog. Stay tuned for more progress soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fat City Farmers Board Meeting April 5, 2010

A. Welcoming everyone, catching up, getting dinner together, seating;
B. Dinner and informal discussion;
C. Fat City Farmers / CRMPI business:
a. Roaring Fork High School Greenhouse Project update:
         i. Budget:
             1. Construction Costs
             2. Fundraising remaining
        ii. Construction Schedule
       iii. Carbondale Rotary Club involvement
       iv. Planning for Community Celebration