Saturday, July 10, 2010

Filling the Floor and Building Planting Beds: June/July

Chris Carnevale and members of the Maroon Corps volunteers joined us to move almost three truckloads of soil into the Growing Dome to level the floor, before we built the planting beds.  Riley Blacksmith donated most of the cost of making the planting bed brackets you see here, and Valley Lumber gave us a great price on the rebar, u-bolts and corrugated metal.  We hope to complete the planting beds, fill them with soil and plants, build the aquaculture tanks, and wire the climate battery thermostats and fans, all before a Community "Thank You" Potluck we plan to hold from 5 - 8 pm, Sunday, August 1.

After the Growing Dome is built, Insulation Skirt and Door Slabs

Actually, the insulation skirt would have been more effieceintly placed BEFORE the dome was erected, but many things, including the weather, conspired against us in May.  In late May and early June, we placed the Insulation Skirt around the dome in a trench dug by our volunteer excavator, Frank Hagemann.  Justin and Patrick, interns at CRMPI, worked with Michael and Jerome to complete the insulation perimeter and to form and insulate for the door slabs.  TJ Conrete sent a crew over in mid-June to pour the entry slabs, and Louis Meyer brought his backhoe/loader to backfill the perimeter for us.  Thank you, everyone!