Monday, April 5, 2010

Fat City Farmers Board Meeting April 5, 2010

A. Welcoming everyone, catching up, getting dinner together, seating;
B. Dinner and informal discussion;
C. Fat City Farmers / CRMPI business:
a. Roaring Fork High School Greenhouse Project update:
         i. Budget:
             1. Construction Costs
             2. Fundraising remaining
        ii. Construction Schedule
       iii. Carbondale Rotary Club involvement
       iv. Planning for Community Celebration
b. 2009 Financials (AJ Joos)
c. Aspen School Composting Program update (David Bedford)
d. Grant Opportunities coming up:
        i. C.O.R.E. – May 1, 2010
       ii. Rotary Club
e. Plan for fundraising to support CRMPI in RFHS Program Development, greenhouse & garden management;
       i. Community Organizations, Clubs, NGO’s
      ii. Alpine Bank, other Banks (we haven’t tapped them yet, and they would really want to be part of this effort)
f. Future School Greenhouses, planning steps to be taken:
      i. Basalt Elementary School Dome (possibly Summer 2010, energetic parents group ready to help);
     ii. Aspen Middle School Greenhouse (big project, probably $150,000 construction, possibly Summer 2011)
D. Fat City Farmers mission & budget discussion:
a. If we complete RFHS greenhouse and garden, and Basalt Elementary dome this year, we will have raised and spent around $100,000 from a willing community;
b. If we plan, design, fund-raise and accomplish construction of the Aspen Middle School greenhouse in 2011, we will have to come close to doubling our efforts in 2010, raising about $200,000. I personally think this should not be difficult in Aspen.
c. How will we accomplish these fundraising goals? Let’s make a plan for how each of us can help. Maybe we should have a training session in how to present our mission to people, how to get all the folks out there who are TALKING about local food and about gardening, all the businesses wanting to be GREEN. Here we are with the perfect opportunities for them to shine. Let’s help get them to the table to help us with this mission;
d. Basalt Thrift Store: See how their mission is progressing: Tom;
E. Dessert and toasts to launching our first successful school greenhouse project!

I hope everyone is watching “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” on ABC-Television Friday evenings at 8:00. I don’t know how many weeks it will go, but it’s all about changing food in schools and the communities around them. Very inspirational stuff!

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