Monday, April 6, 2009

RFHS Hillside Garden - CO. Health Dept. reply

Hillside Garden area:
65,080 SF, or 1.5 ac.

Perimeter Fence:
8' tall deer fence, 1,200 LF

Please allow this message to serve as a response to your recent inquiry about the proposed greenhouse facility for Roaring Fork High School to be used for educational purposes as well as growing organic crops to be harvested for use in the school kitchen. Neither the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations or the Rules and Regulations Governing Schools in the State of Colorado would preclude this type of endeavor either as a learning opportunity for the students or as a source of produce for the retail food operation.
The Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations do require that all foods come from an approved source and does recognize produce grown on site as approved. The produce is considered to be approved provided that only approved fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used when growing the produce. My understanding of the proposed operation is that is would be completely organic and as a result there should not be a concern regarding chemicals. All produce grown would have to be washed in potable water after harvest and prior to consumption either in the greenhouse or in the school kitchen itself. Based on the information you provided, I understand that the local irrigation water will be used for growing the produce and the City of Carbondale municipal supply will be used for washing both in Th greenhouse and in the school as appropriate.
Provided these parameters, as previously discussed, are followed we would not have objection to the proposed venture for the school.
It is also my understanding that there is interest in implementing a composting program for the kitchen waste. Our concern would be that all food wastes to be composted are stored in such a manner as to prevent contamination of other foods, food contact surfaces, or serve as insect or rodent attractants. While this is an area of expertise for the Consumer Protection Division here at CDPHE, we would like to suggest the following individuals as potential resources for information, guidance and possibly training for establishing a composting program.
Possible contacts are:
Roger Doak, CDPHE HMWMD: Solid Waste 303-692-3437
Kathy C. Doesken at CSU(Colorado State University)
Adriane L. Elliot at CSU 970-491-6984

If you have additional questions or need additional resource information, please feel free to contact me again.
Susan ParachiniRetail Food Program ManagerConsumer Protection DivisionColorado Department of Public Health & EnvironmentCPD-GS-B24300 Cherry Creek Drive SouthDenver, Colorado 80246-1530Phone: 303-692-3646/FAX:

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