Sunday, April 5, 2009

The LIST of Issues to be Addressed

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute ( CRMPI ) and
Fat City Farms, Inc., 501c3 benefactor for this mission
Project Proposal
Roaring Fork High School

CRMPI and Fat City Farms are both non-profit organizations devoted to developing gardens and greenhouses on various community sites including schools. This project is proposed at no-cost to the school district and would provide the following benefits:
Integrated learning opportunities with high school science classes
Provide fresh fruit and produce for the school lunch room
Opportunities for community volunteers to be involved in the garden, greenhouse, and instructional program
The green house, a 32 x 77 foot structure will be removed from a site in Glenwood Springs and reconstructed on a site behind Roaring Fork High School, of approximately one acre in size, that has been mutually agreed upon by Fat City Farms and the RFSD office staff, including Larry Estrada, our facilities director.
In addition to the green house, a small section of land on the south side of the high school will be used for a garden area. The garden area will be fenced to prevent deer from disturbing the garden and will contain a small tool shed to hold the necessary equipment.
The school will be responsible for providing the community, teacher and student volunteers to work with and in the program.
CRMPI will be responsible for work done in the greenhouse and on the garden in the summer time. They use community volunteers and college students

Prior to coming to the Board for approval, CRMPI will create a draft of an MOU that addresses the following:
Liability insurance provided by CRMPI
Provision for a green house manager
Code issues regarding placement of the green house and garden
Code issues/state health issues regarding the use of produce in the school lunchroom
Funds for the program to be provided by Fat City Farms and others
Placement of lights and security cameras behind the building
Damage insurance
Termination of program
Responsibility for upkeep and maintenance
Access to the green house and garden via the fire lane
Parking for volunteers
Solar lighting around the greenhouse for security
Construction materials and height of fence around the garden
Access to water for watering the plants as well as access to potable water for washing and cleaning the fruits and vegetables
Maintenance of grounds around the outside of the fenced garden
Construction and composition of compost bins

Illene Pevec has been meeting with the neighbors adjacent to the RFHS property to insure that we have addressed any issues they may have regarding the placement of the garden or greenhouse.
CRMPI and FCF would like to have an agreement in place by spring and begin the placement of the green house and garden area soil preparation, so the facility is ready for RFHS teachers and students by September this year.

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