Monday, October 15, 2012

We are in transition from building this wonderful facility to managing it sustainably for the indefinite future.  Our strategy for doing this includes three elements.  First, we are working with the RE-1 School District, the Rotary Club and Carbondale restaurants to help us create "Enterpise Teams" of students to raise certain herbs and vegetables for restaurant kitchens, as small businesses, complete with business plans, food safety training and enterprises possible under the new Colorado Cottage Foods Law.  Second, we are partnering with Youth Entity and their culinary arts program for high school students, toward establishing model relationships between young growers and chefs, to inspire all of the students to establish business networks for their passion to grow high quality food.  Third, we are working to gather a group of Carbondale gardeners, to help design, plan and create a "Community Forest Garden on the eastern half of the RFHS outdoor garden, where we have already planted an orchard of fruit trees.  We hope this will become a new model of community garden, one based on Natures "polyculture" methods, and focused on shared work and harvests.
Please download the slideshow we created to help us inspire help in the community, by clicking HERE.

Finally, we are looking for a partner to invest in a tiny enterprise involving our ag-bio students, of raising fish in the growing dome fish tanks.  Until now, the tanks have been filled with water and floating plants, just to help provide the mass in which we store solar heat for cold nights in Winter.  We hope this will be a healthy, thriving enterprise, providing fresh fish to restaurants and the school kitchen.

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